World's Smallest! 8K Endoscope Camera
reveals vivid details beyond naked eye observation

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World’s First Endoscope with 8K Resolution developed by Specialists in Surgery

  • KairoScope, a rigid endoscope with 8K resolution incorporating super high-vision technology, will dramatically raise the standard of endoscopic surgery

    ● 16 times the resolution of the conventional 2K resolution (as of September 2017)
    ● The world’s smallest 8K endoscope camera is also the lightest ever weighing only 370g (Patent pending)
    ● High performance lens adaptor and endoscope (Patent pending)
    ● Extra clear image quality is equivalent to 20/4.26 vision when compared to a normal human vison of 20/20 (2K’s image quality is equivalent to 20/18.7 vision)
    ● 4 times digital zoom
    Its high quality and performance are way beyond the current standard.
    This product can take you to a whole new dimension of endoscopic surgery.


The invisible becomes visible

Region of interest can be observed with 4 times digital zoom in real time

With 4 times digital zoom, you can see where you want to see in the magnification you want.

An endoscopic image of a pig’s organ

12-0 suture thread (φ1~9μm)is clearly visible.

Comparing 2K vs 8K endoscopic images of a swine’s organ

These images depict a suture being ligated to join intestinal segments. Thread’s texture and capillaries on the organ surface are clearly shown. Even the device tip looks lifelike.


What 8K Device can do for You and Your hospital

More freedom of movement can lead to a less risk of medical accidents

The device can be positioned at a certain distance without losing high image quality when zooming, providing more freedom of movement

●Powerful and reliable assistance to surgeons can help to increase the number of surgeries
Astounding volume of visual information that 8K provides can compensate for the lack of experiences for young surgeons while providing a powerful visual support for experienced surgeons. Once a chronic shortage of surgeons is compensated for and surgical duration becomes shorter, surgery room turnover can improve along with increased number of surgeries.

●Visual record of operations is valuable for medical education
Advanced techniques and academically significant cases recorded at 8K ultra high resolution will likely be a powerful tool for medical education.

●Advanced and sophisticated medical technology can enhance the reputation of your hospital
Introducing an 8K device is an innovative step forward for your institution and shall capture the interest of medical professionals as well as patients, which can contribute to gaining higher recognition as well as standing out from other institutions.

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