We established Kairos Co., Ltd. in February 2016 in order to make endoscopes utilizing 8K Super Hi-Vision imaging technology commercially available. Although the company was just recently established, we are the first in Japan to utilize ultra-high resolution 8K in medical devices, and this technology is state-of-the-art.

“To save as many lives as possible.” It was in 2013 that a research group of physicians and specialist/corporates in medical engineering set out to conduct animal experiments and corroborate clinical evaluations with this vision. Three years later, we succeeded in the development of a prototype of 8K endoscope (rigid), which at 450g was the smallest and lightest in the world. Its resolution is equivalent to unaided vision of 4.27. We have also established converter technologies to make 8K images three-dimensional, as well as zooming function, and the commercialization of the 8K endoscope is in sight.

Based on these results, we intend to move to manufacturing and sales.

Current endoscopes have the following issues.

  1. If you attempt to conduct treatment while observing the affected area in detail, the tip of the endoscope needs to be moved closer to the affected area, bumping into the surgical equipment and obstructing surgery.
  2. When observing the affected area in detail from close range, there is the risk of missing bleeding, etc. taking place in surrounding areas due to the restricted field of vision of the endoscope.

With the arrival of the Kairos “8K endoscope,” the efficiency and safety of endoscopic surgeries will increase dramatically. Due to shortened operating times, the number of surgeries that can be conducted in a given period of time will increase, and the length of hospitalization will decrease due to the smaller incision and laparotomy area.

In addition to ensuring the safety and security of patients, it will also contribute to the major reduction of medical expenses overall, such as hospitalization expenses, which are increasing yearly. By disseminating 8K endoscopes from Japan to markets around the world, we are confident that we will make a contribution to the Japanese economy, escaping the current situation of the considerable excess of imports of medical devices.

We thank you in advance for your interest and support of our activities.