8K Endoscope

  • World-smallest and lightest※18K endoscope camera※2
  • Lens adaptor / endoscope that enables※3true 8K
  • 16 timesthe conventional resolution (2K)
  1. ※1 As of May 2016, also the World-smallest and lightest 8K camera
  2. ※2、※3 Patent pending

What is 8K?

8K refers to astoundingly high image quality, with a resolution 16 times that of full HD at 7680 x 4320.

Medical applications of 8K technology

8K endoscopic surgery

Cholecystectomy (clinical evaluation) using 8K endoscopy, Kyorin University Department of Surgery

  • point01
    Equivalent tovision of 4.27※4
  • point02
    Can also be applied tomicroscopic surgeries and small incision surgeries, etc※5
  • point03
    Resolves lack of doctors
  • point04
    Digital zoomenhances safety and efficiency
  • point05
    Intraoperative pathologic diagnosisbased on observations at the cellular level※6
  1. ※4 If conventional 2K endoscopes are considered to be equivalent to vision of 1.06
  2. ※5 Many instances where it has been applied to evaluation of endometriosis (Nihon University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and ophthalmology microsurgery (Miyake Eye Hospital)
  3. ※6 Such as discerning the border between cancerous tissues and healthy tissues

Sample image of capillaries on the surface of the large intestines

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